Sumatran Tiger Resort Tanjung Setia Sumatra

Sumatran Tiger Resort

Behind the ornate wall of the Sumatran Tiger Resort you might expect to find a Shaolin Temple filled with monks or a sanctuary for the rare Sumatran Tiger.

Neither of these are the case. But you will find a group of dedicated individuals practicing their own Gung Fu and a sanctuary of a different kind.

If you need to meet some people who are making a difference in an indifferent world then this is the place to head.

Puppies sleeping near weights at Sumatran Tiger Resort

For the past 7 years Sumatran Tiger Resort has been the base for surfers exploring the waves of Sumatra. And, a shelter for injured or abandoned animals that sought protection behind it’s walls. Without their efforts Krui Paws would not exist at all.

Sumatran Tiger Resort Tanjung Setia Sumatra
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