Animal Shelter Tanjung Setia

Visiting the Krui area of Sumatra one is immediately confronted with the many abandoned dogs and cats. Surviving on the beaches and streets most are suffering from illness or mistreatment and left to face starvation.

For many years Isti and a few concerned friends have been taking these animals into their homes, providing them with care and treatment to ensure they do not die unwanted and alone.

The Problem

After a decade with moments of joy and much heartbreak it became apparent that providing care and treatment for all the animals in need is beyond the  resources of a few good hearted people.

The Solution

Krui Paws has been founded so immediate care can continue to be provided and ongoing solutions developed.

Isti and puppies at Krui Paws

We Need Your Help

Each and every day, more sick, injured, and abandoned animals require our care. Their immediate needs are food shelter and medical treatment. These needs are currently completely funded from our personal incomes and a few donations from concerned tourists visiting Krui.

Here in Sumatra even a few dollars can help protect an animal from hunger and suffering. It’s no exageration to say that for the price of a coffee or beer you could actually save a life.

Stray dog Tanjung Setia South Sumatra

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